Alexander is trying to create an autumnal feel in our apartment even though it is the rainy season in Thailand the chances of experiencing anything resembling fall besides gaudy commercialized Halloween parties is about zero.

But I enjoy the idea of creating an autumn experience and so after he made a very seasonal apple and pork dish spiced with cinnamon last night I tried my hand at this thick pumpkin soup recipe from lindamade.

I halved her recipe for the two of us and served it with a loaf of fresh bread and some cheddar.

I loved the soup. The ingredients blended well into a rich and creamy texture with subtle flavors. It’s a good thing I halved the recipe as the one mug of warm pumpkin soup was filling enough even for me.

Suggestions for Pumpkin Soup:

– I pureed my own pumpkin by cooking 250g of cubed pumpkin in a little stock, pouring off the stock and setting it aside for later use, then pouring the cooked cubes into my blender and puree.

– I only seasoned the soup with some coarse black pepper which worked very well, but I am certain you can add some cayenne pepper if you like your soups hot.