And here is the messenger bag I made for Alexander. He suggested naming it the Ethnographer’s Messenger Bag, pointing out some of the various features of the bag that made the title a comfortable fit. I drafted the pattern just over a week ago, went on a roll and had it all finished this past Friday morning, ready for a weekend of exploring new neighborhoods.

I had some basic ideas of what I wanted to include in the bag, like a zippered pocket for spare change, pens and sunglasses, as well as a separator inside the main compartment, so that his notebooks and camera can be kept in separate sections. Alexander suggested another pocket on the bag for items like maps and cards and a small pocket inside the main part for his wallet and keys. The loop and buttons on the side was also his suggestion to give the bag a little more shape. I like the blue highlight on the brownish gray exterior of the bag.

I knew from the start that his fabric selection would work very well, but I was nervous about inserting the zipper pocket, the magnetic clasps and putting it all together. There were a couple of very nervous moments last week and sleepless nights over the bag. But, if I may say so myself I am very impressed with how the bag came out. And Alexander seems to like it too! And also thanks to him again for the pictures.