I’m starting on a new project this week. I’ve been stagnating for a while, but that is over now. I’m not telling what it is until it’s finished and I am happy with it. After that I’ll be working on one more bag and then move onto shirts. I made a wildebeest shirt for Alexander’s birthday last year, which, unfortunately we never photographed, but it was a pretty fun shirt. I think I feel ready to take on collars and cuffs again.

I’ve been keeping an eye out for a notebook I could use as a recipe book. I found the perfect retro notebook at the Robinson’s Department Store near Asok this week. It seems like it would fit in perfectly with my grandmother’s old recipe notebooks.

I also tried using a recipe for honey cake to bake cupcakes. They did not exactly come out looking like cupcakes and I think I need to tweak the recipe a bit. Maybe too much baking powder. So I’ll work on that before I post the recipe. They looked fun though.