I left work yesterday with the intense desire to bake cupcakes again. I see pictures of pretty cupcakes and then I just want to bake some myself.

Alas, I am not a food decorator or professional baker, so my cupcakes always come out looking a little unstable and even a little drab. Poor things, I doubt they will ever look as pretty as the ones we sometimes bought at Queen of Tarts in Obs.

But, they’re good. Oh yes, they are very good. Now I hear you say, “Come on Bordeaux, you said yourself they look drab, certainly they must taste a bit drab too.”

Not at all. And the reason for this is that there is a surprise hidden in each of them. In a couple there are Toblerone triangles waiting to be discovered and in others, delightful peanut butter balls. And you have no way of knowing which surprise you’ll get because they all look so uniformly plain.

So even though Amy Sedaris might look at them and think they look a lot plainer than hers, I am certain she would enjoy the gooey goodness hidden inside.