I have been very bad at making or doing anything that involes sewing for a while now. The reason for this is that despite several sewing lessons from a friend, a sewing and design course, and a year at fashion school I still feel like a complete novice when it comes to all things sewing. So when I encounter a problem I am easily thrown completely off and put a lot of distance between myself and the sewing machine.

My latest project turned out to be one such a problem. I persisted for a while, especially since I thought it should be quite easy, but after the umpteenth time that the stitches got all messed up and I had to unpick everything again I had a silent fit and hid all evidence of the project plus the sewing machine and everything related.

Five days later, after no new attempts I admitted defeat to Alexander and a friend. I felt pretty depressed about the situation. These things have a way of really getting to me.

Almost two weeks later I realized that if I did not start doing something soon, my machine will turn into a white elephant, hidden in a cabinet underneath the television set. I had to start working on something, anything, just as long as I do something.

In an effort to lift my spirits I stopped by a fabric store on Friday and bought these cute pieces of fabric.

I have no idea what I will do with it yet, but it felt good to have something for a future project again. Something that will hopefully inspire me to get back to sewing again.

And last night I decided to start on a little project, turning a too big fitted sheet into a single fitted sheet and flat sheet for guests. It’s baby steps and going slow, I am fairly nervous about moving in behind the machine again, but it is a start. Again.