Last Wednesday seemed like it was not going to be a very good day for me. I arrived at school on time, but my students only started writing their papers more than an hour later. I decided to grade everything in one go, with the chance of coming in later the next day, but found out that all my hard work was for nothing and I still had to arrive at the usual time.

I arrived home from work thirsty, hungry and cold (our office is an over air-condition little cavern). I was in a foul mood and did not feel like being friendly.

But I had no time to sit around and sulk because I had an unpleasant day. While I was grading papers, Alexander went out and prepared a surprise gift package for me. On the couch was a brown paper bag from Habitat. And it was for me!

Inside were the most wonderful assortment of gifts, my bad mood disappeared immediately as I lifted out three mixing bowls of varying sizes and in bold and inspiring colors, a new set of retro metallic measuring spoons and two packets of cupcake sprinkles from Vanilla Industries!

No more mixing in a pot, no more worrying about breaking the plastic measuring spoons and way more fun cupcakes from now on!

As you can see, I wasted no time in trying out my fantastic presents.