Ah! 2008 is here and for some reason that idea me pretty excited. I hope everybody had a a sweet festive season spent with family and friends.

We had a busy and enjoyable holiday with a friend of Alexander’s coming to visit us for the holiday week. We spent some time traveling around Prachuap Kiri Khan en Petchaburi provinces and showing Tim around Bangkok. Visit I am a Viking for Tim’s excellent account of events and keep your eyes open for some more brilliant photography taken on our trip at Primitive Culture in the next couple of days. I’ll let them do the writing about our vacation as I did not take enough pictures to warrant an entry.

These two pictures were pretty much the only ones taken by me on the trip. The first is of Alexander and Tim enjoying the sunset view from our tent at Lake Kaen Kratcheng, the second is the beach view from our hotel at Aow Noi.

As I mentioned earlier, for some reason I am pretty excited about the New Year. It started very relaxed, we decided to stay in with a movie after Tim left for his New Year’s flight and took Tuesday real easy. And since Wednesday we’ve been back to work and things have been dragging a bit ever since. I was not made for work.

So I think I will have one resolution for this year. To write more often. Write about food, about sewing and crafts, and just some general bits.

I am working on a little project to do some cooking entries on food from the four countries I lived in over the past year- South Africa, Taiwan, the United States, and Thailand. I may also do some entries about some of the countries I visited between these- Kenya, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Keep your eyes out for these, I hope I will not become terribly lazy and disappoint.

Happy 2008!