I think I’ve come through my sewing slum/ bloc/ fear. Thanks to Jess, Lorette, Vegeyum, and Alexander for your words of encouragement and support.

This past week I went crazy and did a couple of alteration tasks for Alexander, shortening the hems of two pairs of pants as well as changing the hemlines and fits of a couple of T-shirt. Now this may sound like nothing, but with limited experience in doing these things it was quite a challenge and if I may say so myself I think I did a fine job.

But that was by far not the biggest thing I’ve done.

I finally finished the bag that scared me into hiding my machine for almost two months. It was supposed to be a present for some friends, but I am not 110% satisfied with the final result and have decided to keep it. It looks like an ideal shopping bag or beach bag. I prefer it to be the latter.

Both Alexander and I like it a lot, so he suggested we share it. It can be reversed, so for all practical purposes we each have a new bag now.

This side on the left is his…

… and the one with the tabloid (thanks Katie) is mine!

And here I am working on a new project I cannot tell you what it is yet, but it’s going very well indeed.