I am not sure how to word this without sounding too silly and giddy and excited. But I guess it’s okay for me to be silly, giddy and excited because my spanako-pizza won the HHDD Pizza challenge that was hosted by Joey of the super entertaining, inspiring and always beautifully illustrated 80breakfasts! Even though I was feeling a bit unwell yesterday I was bouncing around and squealing with pleasure after receiving the news.

Thank you Joey for hosting and inviting me to participate. It was a great event, you had an amazing roundup and I feel fortunate to have had my pizza surrounded by so many creative and delightful pizzas made by many other inspired cooks. Thanks also to Barbara of Winos and Foodies for starting this fun event, which was inspired by Donna Hay.

And of course, thank you to everyone who voted for my spanako-pizza. And Alexander for his endless patience while I was stomping around trying recipes and grouching when not all of them (there were quite a couple) turned out as I wanted them.

I’m working on the next challenge and hope to have it out very soon, since March is going to be a crazy travel month for us. Watch this space.

And this evening we celebrated with… pizza!