I got the most brilliant Valentine’s gifts from my boyfriend yesterday.

It came in this super funky and retro Thai-style lunch box. It is a tin affair with stacked compartments, usually filled with rice and meat dishes. I’ve wanted to get one ever since I first laid eyes on them, and now I have one. Lucikly mine did not come with rice and fried chicken (not that I don’t like rice and fried chicken, but as romantic gestures go, they are not at the top of my list).

My lunch box came filled with an assortment of chocolates, cookie cutters, cake decorating goods and chocolate-orange hand cream. Each tray held a different surprise! Isn’t it just too cute?

And now I have a really wicked container for some of my old and new baking accessories.

Looking at all of this it is quite clear what his Valentine’s message to me was. More ‘rommel in die trommel’ for me and more cupcakes and cookies for him!