And here it is, mere hours before I leave in search of cooler climes in Hanoi, the roundup for my HHDD challenge. The theme I chose was coconut chocolate tarts and I received some very lovely and delightful entries.

It seemed some of you had some difficulty with the tart shells and I have to admit even I ended up with a couple of broken ones after my first attempt, but everybody came out with there own creative and clever solutions and I think you all made big successes of your tarts. They look fantastic!

Okay, so let me entertain you with the rounds’ entrants.

First, Hay Hay it’s Donna Hay creator, Barbara at Winos and Foodies who created a dark and fruity tart combining very dark chocolate and fresh slices of mango. Some of her tarts broke, but she came up with a beautiful and creative way of serving even them. Go have a look here to read more about her tarts.

Suzana of Home Gourmets, who is not a big fan of dark chocolate, decided to use white and dark chocolate. Go read her entry to see how she created a hidden chocolate tart that looks and sounds delicious.

Prolific baker Tammy of (not so) Wee Treats by Tammy made the kind of tarts I fantasize serving her tarts with a good dose of caramel. To find out more about her decadence, click here.

Over at HomeMadeS, Arfi made what she named ‘tropo tarts.’ Doesn’t it sound cute and like something you’d like to try? She filled her tarts with chocolate and mascarpone with passion fruit. And if you are planning on making these tarts but nervous about the shell, try following her clever instructions here.

Coconut and lime tarts is what Bron created at her site, Bron Marshall. For more beautiful images and the full story on how she decided to fill her tart shells with marmalade and chocolate, look here.

My mother likes coconut and she loves Bounty candy bars. I am certain she would have loved Pam’s tarts at The Backyard Pizzeria. She very cleverly took the coconut out of the shell and put it right into the filling. And the result looks naughty!

Look at the tarts Annina of Anninas Food made. With the sprinkles they remind me of the porridge I had as a child, although I would have had no need for sprinkles if this was my breakfast. More pictures and her fun entry, here!

And here is the entry that had Alexander really interested. Over at Melody’s site Fruit Tart, she add a bit of flavor to the tart shells. Almond, mmm! She also used mini muffin tins, so in the end she had 24 tarts. Wish I thought of that to make them last longer. For her entry, hit this link.

And who can say no to these? Holly of Phe/MOM/enon made spectacular looking (and sounding) raspberry swirl tarts. And here there is also a surprise hidden under the white and purple swirl. Go here to find out what she did with hers.

As I started with the creator of HHDD’s entry I feel it is only fitting to end with the previous host’s (and sender of awesome goodies) entry. The highly entertaining cook and traveler Joey at 80 Breakfasts. She took inspiration from a very naughty sounding snack she learned to make in school to create tarts with a very decadent sounding filling, hidden under the chocolate (don’t you just love surprises, and there are a couple in this roundup!). Here is her entry and here is what hers looked like.

And now, voting can begin. So let me know which one of these winners (seriously, they are all fantastic) should be the overall winner by sending an email to Closing date for voting is next Friday, March 14 and the winner will be announced shortly after. Hopefully by the 16th. I will be traveling though and I might have some difficulty with posting, but I will try my best. If I do encounter any problems I will postpone announcing the winner until the 19th when I get back.

And off I go…