I was going to wait until I was back to the comforts of my own home to announce the news, but that would have been cruel. So here she is, the winner of Hay Hay it’s Donna Day #18… Bron Marshall!

Bron’s coconut and lime tarts were a firm favorite amongst voters and it’s easy to see why.

They look stunning and they sound fantastic! And then Bron went one step further and made raspberry chocolate tarts with the leftover ganache.

Congratulations, Bron. There were some really beautiful, tasty and popular tarts in the round-up, but yours were definitely the most popular. A well-earned win!

Also congratulations on winning the opportunity to host round number 19 of HHDD! I’m still deciding on your prize, but it will be on its way soon.

Thanks again to Barbara for the contest, Joey for hosting the last time and everyone who participated and made this such a fun contest and all who voted.