A friend dropped a couple of cook books off recently for us to look at. She’s a keen baker and I found that she had quite a collection of baking and cook books. Although the book I was most excited about at first was a baking book, I ended up getting very involved in A Real American Breakfast by Cheryl Alters Jameson and Bill Jameson.


This husband and wife pair collected 275 recipes for breakfast from all over the United States with recipes ranging from ambrosia to huevos rancheros and just about everything in between. Not only does it come with fantastic recipes, but also some extra preparations tips and some historical information. A real fun read.

Alexander and I were looking over recipes for oatmeal and he suggested trying a couple of ideas out this week. I liked the idea, trying out different kinds of oatmeal breakfasts and writing about them. As I continued paging through the book I started thinking, why not try out a different recipe everyday for the rest of this week? I guess I was somewhat inspired by Alexander’s reading of Julia Child related books recently, especially Julie and Julia, and also by Joey of 80breakfasts and Andrea of Cooking Books.

So from tomorrow I will make one new recipe from this book each day and try to blog about it, until Saturday. I hope you enjoy our week long journey through some American breakfast recipes and that we will not fail you.

On another Julia related note, here’s an interesting comparrisson between male and female food writers by Alexander. He compared the food writing of Julia Child (whom I’ve never actually read) and Anthony Bourdain (another person I’ve never read but I’ve seen his show and found it annoying).  It’s an interesting debate and I’m sure comments would be appreciated.