Ever since I was a child I loved avocados. I used to slice one in half, take out the pit and pour lemon juice and some freshly ground black pepper and salt onto half, mash it up slightly in the skin and eat it with a spoon. Avo sandwiches were always a winner and any form of salad that involved this rich fruit.

Imagine then how horrified I was when I discovered avocado shakes in a health food store in Taiwan. The mere idea was just wrong to me and I avoided this item for the longest time. One day my curiosity finally got the best of me and I decided to give it a try. And loved it. The pulp from the fruit was blended with a caramel custard, flavoring the earthy flavor of avo with a rich sweetness. It was pure decadence.

While Alexander and I were living there again for two months last year we tried it several times. Traveling through Vietnam we also discovered that it was a local favorite at shake stands there, mixed with sweet milk instead of custard. We often stopped at stands to enjoy a glass of cool avocado shake.

Robyn from Eating Asia writes that they are also enjoyed in Indonesia, usually with a swirl of chocolate syrup added, but you can even enjoy it with some strawberry swirled in. The recipe I used to make these shakes was borrowed from her blog.

I made them while we were still in Albuquerque where we had lots of ripe avocados in the kitchen the whole time we were there. Being neighbors with tropical Central and South America must be fabulous.

To make avo shakes you need to collect:
–    2 medium ripe avos, flesh scooped out
–    1 cup milk
–    ice cubes
–    blended fresh strawberries juice

The process:
Blend the avo, milk, sugar and ice until smooth. Pour into glasses and swirl in some of the blended strawberries and drink up. For a slightly more decadent version, use sweetened milk or some custard.