breakfast crumble

While paging through a magazine or reading over blogs I often spot a recipe I want to make right then and there. But the problem is that I usually do not have all the ingredients on hand to do it right away or I am simply not at home and in no position to rush home and start cooking. So it was with great joy that I read this recipe for Nectarine Crumble on 80Breakfasts a few nights ago.

I’ve mentioned how we’re struggling without decent internet here in SA, we really are in dark ages when it comes to that kind of technology, so I often open up a few pages at the internet café and then come home and read them. Last night, after dinner, I opened the notebook to check out what Joey’s been within minutes I was in the kitchen, preparing for the next morning’s breakfast.

Now I would never have considered eating crumble for breakfast. The mere idea is even too decadent for even me, but when I read her reasoning, “When it comes to breakfast, I see no reason why we need to limit ourselves to what is traditionally considered to be breakfast food. What is one country’s dessert, or another country’s lunch (Filipino breakfasts have rice and meat and egg and condiments!), may be your country’s breakfast.” I enjoyed rice porridge for breakfast in Thailand, so why not a sweet and rich crumble for breakfast in Cape Town?

I still did not have all the ingredients that Joey used in hers, but I had most of it and I decided to wing the rest. Instead of nectarines, I used pears. I did not have any wheat pastry flour so I used regular and instead of nuts I pulsed some of our homemade muesli and worked that into the crumble. I prepared the crumble the night before and left it in the refrigerator.

The next morning I prepared my fruits as per her recipe, adding a little of the ginger candy we made, and let it stand for a bit while preheating the oven. By the time Alexander was awake I had a lovely dark pear crumble ready for dessert.

Now I have to admit that mine did not come out perfect. I think I used a tad too much butter, so it was a little gooey, but it tasted superb! Rich and dark from the muscovado, with an almost granola-like taste and texture to the crumble and sweet pears and sharp ginger candy underneath. We topped it with some Bulgarian yogurt which provided the perfect level of sour to counter all the richness and sweetness.

breakfast crumble and xander

Thanks Joey for the inspiration and for proving that when it comes to breakfast, anything goes, as long as it tastes good. And this sure did!