meal in a cup

The other day while looking at BloggerAid’s website I came across this entry by Val in lieu of World Food Day, which will be taking place on October 16th. Here’s what Val had to say:

“As my way of raising awareness for the issue of hunger here in our own communities or worldwide I have created a recipe that can be served in a cup like the Red Cup representative of the School Meals Program. Serving food at school helps alleviate hunger among the world’s poorest children or enabling a girl to attend school rather than staying at home to help take care of her family. If even one child is allowed to go to school it provides them with not only food but with an education and the tools which are key to a better future for themselves as well as their community. If one child is educated imagine what would happen to an entire village. The future starts with our children!!!

I encourage you to raise awareness with your own voice by preparing a dish and posting it on your blog. Your dish can be inexpensive, it can be something that represents your part of the world or simply prepare something you enjoy and would like to share. Just serve it in a cup to represent feeding one child a healthy and nutritious lunch at school.”

Neat idea, right? Creating awareness by making something as simple as a meal that can be served in a cup. I never eat a meal out of a cup, my meals are always in big plates and deep bowls. there is always more than enough. But for so many, something as simple as a wholesome meal in a cup can mean an end to hunger.

I decided to do something simple, yet nutritional and filling. Something that would offer starch along with protein and that can be eaten at any time of the day. And of course, something that would be accessible.

This meal is a bit of a fusion between South African porridge made with corn meal and Chinese rice soup. I love both, but have never tried to combine them before. I used yellow corn meal or maize meal which is fairly common in South Africa and neighboring countries, but blue corn meal or rice would work as well, the preparation might just be slightly different.

For this meal you’d need:
1.5 cups corn meal
3 cups chicken stock or water
1 egg, lightly beaten
salt to taste

The process:
Put the meal into a small pot and add the 3 cups of stock/water. Bring it to a slow boil while stirring all the time. Be careful that it does not become to hot as it will burn or exploding porridge bubbles will land on your skin, which can seriously hurt. If the porridge is very tough, add more water as needed to turn it into more of a thick runny porridge. When it is cooked, stir in the egg until it combined with the porridge, add salt to taste and serve. You can also add any other ingredients at this stage like bits of cooked meat, some finely chopped vegetable or herbs to add to the flavor. I added a few drops of sesame oil and some soy sauce. Fill two large mugs (like I did) or 2 smaller cups, and serve.

* The BloggerAid Cook Book is pretty much ready to be sent to publishers. Excellent work done by all bloggers involved in this big undertaking!