Months ago now, when we were still living out of built-in-closets in our own apartment, I baked some mocha brownies. The recipe came form a brownie book I got from my friend Nicole for my birthday this year. It was the kind of gift that had both Alexander and myself pretty excited, full of varieties on the standard brownie and beautifully illustrated.

Alexander took some pictures for me, so that I had something baking-related to blog about while on the road, or on the seas actually. I completely forgot about them though, until I was going through some old pictures yesterday and happened upon the folder containing these pictures. It made me miss the kitchen and long for a home with an oven and a pantry shelve with tins containing sugar, flour, salt, baking powder, chocolate chips, sprinkles, vanilla… you get the idea.

I wish I were able to share the recipe with you, as these brownies were terribly delicious with a slight crust and fudge-like layer inside, but the book is in some box, either in South Africa, or already there. If it is not in the box that may be lost. Blah!

It’s actually really easy to make mocha brownies though. Take any regular brownie recipe and mix in a small amount of strong black coffee, about a tablespoon. I also made a chocolate sauce mixing cream, dark chocolate chips and another tablespoon of black coffee. I like my brownies crunchy on the outside and gooey inside, so I always increase the amount of chocolate and make sure I remove the brownies from the oven once the crust seems hardened. Easy!