In between everything else that’s been going on I’ve had some time to sew. Here is a sneak preview. I’ll be able to reveal more once I know my friend has received her package.

And now I really have to go. We’re leaving for the airport in 30 minutes and I (yes, me!) have not even packed yet!

Whenever I am traveling I always try to send postcards from my destinations back home. It’s always a bit of a thrill for me to imagine the surprise when a friend or family member opens their mailbox and there is a postcard from places like Luang Phabang, Las Vegas or Maputo from moi awaiting them.

Here in Bangkok I just feel like sending postcards all the time. There is an enormous variety of hip and retro postcards to be found almost everywhere you turn. So never an excuse not to send one.

Here are some with retro images of the Royal Couple, some kids and the Democracy Monument…

… and some funky illustrated cards!

Why, it’s fabric? Six new pieces of fabric!

Early in December Alexander, a co-worker and I went to Chatuchak and I found a fabric store selling variety of beautiful pieces of cloth. I splurged on these three.

I cannot pick a favorite, I love them all and had a hard time not buying more, there were so many lovely pieces.

And then there are the fabric I got from our Christmas guest, Tim. For someone who only knew me through my blog and on Facebook he brought the perfect gift and made an excellent selection.

March is going to be full of flights, both domestic and international, and I think I’ll need a thematic bag to hold my travel documents and in-flight reading. This is just the fabric for such a bag.

Alexander claimed this piece the moment I unfolded it. I’ll have to start thinking what to make for him.

And this one says summer. Wouldn’t you agree?

I do see endless sewing possibilities in the near future!

Taiwan was a shopper’s paradise. This, together with a decent disposable income, made it the ideal place for me to spend six years of my life.

By the time I left at the start of 2006 I had a fine collection of clothing mixing some designer labels, funky street wear, and cheap socks. Shopping for clothes was definitely something I missed a lot when I returned back to South Africa.

Besides being a student again last year and therefore pretty poor, I just did not find the same wide range of inexpensive and trendy clothing. As a result I spent almost no money on clothes last year, in fact, I only bought one cool hooded sweater and three pairs of socks. If not for the hoody it would have been the most bland year for my closet since primary school.

So after not really shopping much for a year, and then traveling for another year and also not shopping much for clothing, I recently started going mad at all the brilliant clothing stalls at markets around Bangkok, especially at Chatuchak Weekend Market. Not since Taiwan have I seen such an enormous selection of cute, hip, sexy and cheap T-shirts, Bordeaux staples.

Here are a couple of examples. Cool, don’t you think?

I have been very bad at making or doing anything that involes sewing for a while now. The reason for this is that despite several sewing lessons from a friend, a sewing and design course, and a year at fashion school I still feel like a complete novice when it comes to all things sewing. So when I encounter a problem I am easily thrown completely off and put a lot of distance between myself and the sewing machine.

My latest project turned out to be one such a problem. I persisted for a while, especially since I thought it should be quite easy, but after the umpteenth time that the stitches got all messed up and I had to unpick everything again I had a silent fit and hid all evidence of the project plus the sewing machine and everything related.

Five days later, after no new attempts I admitted defeat to Alexander and a friend. I felt pretty depressed about the situation. These things have a way of really getting to me.

Almost two weeks later I realized that if I did not start doing something soon, my machine will turn into a white elephant, hidden in a cabinet underneath the television set. I had to start working on something, anything, just as long as I do something.

In an effort to lift my spirits I stopped by a fabric store on Friday and bought these cute pieces of fabric.

I have no idea what I will do with it yet, but it felt good to have something for a future project again. Something that will hopefully inspire me to get back to sewing again.

And last night I decided to start on a little project, turning a too big fitted sheet into a single fitted sheet and flat sheet for guests. It’s baby steps and going slow, I am fairly nervous about moving in behind the machine again, but it is a start. Again.

I’m starting on a new project this week. I’ve been stagnating for a while, but that is over now. I’m not telling what it is until it’s finished and I am happy with it. After that I’ll be working on one more bag and then move onto shirts. I made a wildebeest shirt for Alexander’s birthday last year, which, unfortunately we never photographed, but it was a pretty fun shirt. I think I feel ready to take on collars and cuffs again.

I’ve been keeping an eye out for a notebook I could use as a recipe book. I found the perfect retro notebook at the Robinson’s Department Store near Asok this week. It seems like it would fit in perfectly with my grandmother’s old recipe notebooks.

I also tried using a recipe for honey cake to bake cupcakes. They did not exactly come out looking like cupcakes and I think I need to tweak the recipe a bit. Maybe too much baking powder. So I’ll work on that before I post the recipe. They looked fun though.

This past Friday we took the train up to Ayutthaya for two days of doing absolutely nothing. We passed through earlier this year and stayed at Bann Kun Pra. A lovely guest house, set in a teak house that is about a century old. The house is set right on the bank of the Pasak river making it the ideal place for a relaxed getaway.

This time, instead of spending our time visiting the ruins Ayutthaya are famous for, we spent our time wandering through the town’s market and enjoying some street food. As usual, Alexander documented what we had and posted a brightly illustrated entry on our scrumptious lunch.

This image on the left was of some store that may or may not have been a bar. I loved the sign advertising “Pepsi on the rocks.”

I decided to take the new tote I sewed last week with. I thought it a bit too bright for taking with to work, but it was just right for the weekend away. Actually I think it would look great on the beach. Hopefully I can try that out soon.

Alexander brought a classic along for the read. He picked up this really sweet edition of A Portrait of the Artists as a Young Man the day before we left.

The pictures below are of the Ayutthaya train station. A really beautiful old station with white walls, dark wood doors and windows and faded tile floors.

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