No, not Thailand. I’m talking about Los Angeles. We arrived after luckily being able to leave from Utapao airport. It was a rushed nightmare, we missed out on having a farewell dinner with a great friend and spent hours waiting for our pflight to depart, but we made it out and spent the weekend in LA.

It’s been great being back. We went back for coffee on Larchmont and lunch at the Farmer’s Market. Browsed around The Grove, milkshakes at Swingers and dinner in Little Ethiopia. Besides seeing all the places we missed and some new spots that’s opened we also got to see a couple of old friends. Which made coming back almost harder in a way. We are only in LA for the weekend, but we are already fantasizing about the possibilty of living here again. If only the US was more open to the idea of gay marriage and equal rights when it comes to same-sex couples.

We are leaving for Albuquerque tomorrow and after that we are planning on moving back to South Africa, but I’m hoping that we can back and live here again very-very soon.