whole toast

I suspect that this dish may be called a ‘toad in a hole.’ Why a toad I do not know and quite honestly it sounds a little gross. Nothing against toads of course, they are quite sweet if you see them lurking around streams and ponds and in jungles, like the enormous one we saw in Kao Sok in Southern Thailand, a real brut that one. But I do not want to associate them with my lunch.

So I will call this ‘fried egg in toast’, simple and terribly unoriginal but at least Alexander will know exactly what I am serving him when I say “We’re having fried egg in toast for lunch today”.

For our fried egg in toast I took out:

2 slices of toast
2 eggs
2 tablespoons crumbed feta
bits of chopped dried meat (I used South African biltong)
a small bunch of fresh thyme leaves
some butter for frying

Prepare it by:

Cutting a hole in the toast with a cookie cutter. Fry the circle briefly in some butter and set aside. Put the slices of toast in the pan and briefly fry on each side carefully breaking an egg into each hole. Let it cook until the bottom has set and then carefully flip the toast over, allowing it to cook for a bit to set the yolk and flip it round again. Sprinkle with the cheese and thyme leaves and serve with the circle.

broken toast

I left the eggs slightly runny so we could dip bits of toast into the yolk, cheese and thyme mixture. But if that is not your cup of tea you can cover the pan briefly to speed up the cooking process, it usually helps with setting the egg. Slide the toast onto plates and sprinkle the feta, thyme and meat over top, serving it all with cut out circle on the side. If you enjoy your eggs slightly runny you can dip the circle into the yolk.

Preparing this is real easy and the variations on what you can put on top is endless. Have fun!