The worst thing about 2009, worse than Sarah Palin, was the Sex and the City movie. I cannot remember the last time I was so totally disappointed in something. I was not anticipating greatness when we went to the theatre, but having watched several old episodes ahead of the movie made me hopeful that some of the wit and inteligence of the show would carry (sorry for that) onto the big screen. From the moment those clips from the show started floating across the screen I knew I was in for something awful. The highlight of all the stupidness in the movie was the toilet humor in the following 76 seconds of pure torture.

Goodness, what were Michael-Patrick King and Sarah Jessica Parker thinking? Everything leading up to this was poor, what followed did not get any better. Hopefully 2009 will not bring the anticipated (what???) sequal, that would be too much for me.

For 2009 my wish is lots and lots more Lady GaGa, the most exciting new musical discovery I’ve made this year. I say discovery because I was not aware of her in Bangkok until right at the very end.

Happy 2009 from me and Lady GaGa!