This past Friday we took the train up to Ayutthaya for two days of doing absolutely nothing. We passed through earlier this year and stayed at Bann Kun Pra. A lovely guest house, set in a teak house that is about a century old. The house is set right on the bank of the Pasak river making it the ideal place for a relaxed getaway.

This time, instead of spending our time visiting the ruins Ayutthaya are famous for, we spent our time wandering through the town’s market and enjoying some street food. As usual, Alexander documented what we had and posted a brightly illustrated entry on our scrumptious lunch.

This image on the left was of some store that may or may not have been a bar. I loved the sign advertising “Pepsi on the rocks.”

I decided to take the new tote I sewed last week with. I thought it a bit too bright for taking with to work, but it was just right for the weekend away. Actually I think it would look great on the beach. Hopefully I can try that out soon.

Alexander brought a classic along for the read. He picked up this really sweet edition of A Portrait of the Artists as a Young Man the day before we left.

The pictures below are of the Ayutthaya train station. A really beautiful old station with white walls, dark wood doors and windows and faded tile floors.